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Atlantic Exchange Inc., a Wyoming Company, founded in 2012 is an international company, with its main offices (HQ) in Alpine, Wyoming (U.S.A.), East coast offices in Winston-Salem, NC, and structurally well-presented in Europe through our offices in Haelen, The Netherlands.    

Our Mission is to "Share Uniqueness™" from around the world and from our own designs and production plants.   We find products in the United States and 'exchange' them with products discovered in Europe. 

Atlantic Exchange Inc. also creates its own product lines. We import/export and design new and/or unknown products.  

We consist of two main divisions:  

Joyful Flappers™ (non-food division) is featuring products that are fun, useful and practical for both the consumers as well as the industrial/professional users and the U.S. Government. We are focussing Joyful Flappers™' activities mainly on producing, importing and exporting products, that are unique in their existence. We are always open for new product introductions.     

European Culinaries™ (food division) is planned to be fully operational by the end of 2018. This division will introduce, produce, import and export and bring to market delicious and unique food products. This will include our 'Sweet Deeds'-cookie line that originates from an old Dutch family recipe.

Share in our 'Uniqueness™'

About Us

Atlantic Exchange Inc. - West (HQ)
P.O. Box 3329
Alpine, WY 83128
+1 (888) 278-2023

Atlantic Exchange Inc. - East
134 Inverness Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27107

Atlantic Exchange Inc. - Europe
Toumweg 3 
NL-6081 NA Haelen
The Netherlands
+31 611.362.444